Resources posted on this page are related to the district’s infrastructure—current use and challenges—and are being used by the committees, district, and Master Plan consultants to generate a long-term plan for the district’s facilities and programs.

  • Steamboat Springs School District facilities serve the entire community. Beyond the 2,600+ students preschool through 12th grade served during the day and their 180+ teachers, buildings are used by numerous community groups and organizations. Read more about facility use in SSSD
  • Hord Coplan Macht shares a visual presentation of emerging best practices in K-12 school design. Its designs are informed by and are responsive to research, learning philosophy, community and, ultimately, the learners themselves. Spaces, both within and without, support the myriad ways teaching and learning occur. Review the presentation
  • Hord Coplan Macht provides information on school needs that emerged during the 2015 master planning project and potential new school options for the district. Review the presentation
  • Hord Coplan Macht reviews potential sites for new SSSD schools. Review the presentation