Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members

Steamboat Springs School District (SSSD)

  • Brad Meeks, SSSD Superintendent
  • Mark Rydberg , SSSD Finance Director
  • Pascal Ginesta, SSSD Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation

School Board Members

  • Margie Huron, SSSD School Board Member
  • Katy Lee, SSSD School Board Member

Steamboat Citizens

  • Robin Schepper, CC4E
  • Chris Johnson, CC4E


  • Colleen Kaneda, NV5
  • Todd Raper, NV5

There is an Executive Committee member assigned to each Advisory Committee.

Executive Committee Core Values


Safety and security of students and staff.

Student Success

Provide students in SSSD with equitable, modern facilities that meet programming needs to prepare them for careers in the 21st Century.


Clearly defined projects that seek out community partnership and support and demonstrate fiscal responsibility.


Projects to fit medium and long term solutions that preserve and maintain our assets and increase efficiency.

Note: Info to come: Exec Committee charge