Master Planning

Steamboat Springs School District selected HCM, an architecture firm, to lead and coordinate an update of the district’s facility Master Plan. As part of the Master Plan Update, our schools and their communities identified improvements to enhance the learning environments in their buildings. Additionally, this update considered growth districtwide and identified immediate and long-term needs.

There were multiple opportunities for stakeholders to engage and provide input and comment on long-term district infrastructure solutions. See the community engagement page for details.

The Master Plan process included:

January - February 2018: Inventory/ update existing drawings, models, and documents for all district facilities

March - May 2018: Visual assessments of district facilities to verify existing conditions; observe and analyze how programs currently function in school/district facilities

May - August 2018: Visual assessments of district facilities to determine need/desire for updates or improvements; analyze district/school facility potential for programming

September - October 2018: Compile collected data to determine the facility needs for each school; survey stakeholders for feedback on concepts

November 2018: District and stakeholder goals and parameters established to shape district-wide priorities; Advisory Committee and Exec Committee provides feedback (inclusive of goals and parameters) to further define potential Nov 2019 project options

December 2018 - February 2019: Architect prepares ~3 options based on Advisory Committee recommendations and Exec Committee feedback; Architect presents ~3 options to Advisory Committee and Exec Committee for additional feedback

February - March 2019: Owners representative (NV5) prepares schedule for the design, construction, and facility improvements along with an estimated total budget to complete work for ~3 Nov. 2019 Options

March - April 2019: Committee recommendations presented to the Board of Education; potential scientific voter polling focused on voter preferences related to options; BOE evaluation of options and recommendations

May 2019: A complete master plan document is published including all assessment data, input, and feedback

SSSD Board of Education determines what is referred to voters.